About us

Wilfried Nelles
founder, director and teacher

started his professional career as a Researcher and University Teacher in Political Science and Sociology. In his late thirties he left the academic field and studied and practiced in Humanistic Therapy and Meditation. After meeting Bert Hellinger he worked as a Family Constellator for about 15 years before he developed his own and unique approach of Phenomenological Psychology and Life Integration (2008). He is teaching all over Europe, in China, and other East Asian countries.

He has published 16 books which are translated into 10 languages. Together with his son Malte Nelles he is the founder and director of the Nelles Institute for Phenomonologial Psychology and Life Integration in Nettersheim, Germany.


Malte Nelles
founder, managing director and teacher

Graduate political scientist, psychotherapist, liscensed teacher in system constellations for the German Association for system constellations (DGfS).

Born in 1982, lives in Berlin and sometimes in Marmagen, in a permanent partnership, father of a daughter.

A long-standing health and life crisis have brought me first to a confrontation with myself which led to a growing desire in me to work therapeutically with people.

Immediately after completing my studies (2008), I founded an institute for constellation work (Eurasys Berlin) together with Martin Woelffer and managed it for 7 years until it was time for something new. Parallel to this, I have set up a practice for psychotherapy, couples therapy and coaching in Berlin and completed a large number of advanced training- and education programs in constellation work (with H. Breuer and my father), deep psychological psychotherapy (H. Beaumont), couple therapy (D. Revenstorff, H. Weiss), hypnotherapeutic methods (H. Breuer, W. Eberwein, W. Lenk) and sex therapy (D. Schnarch).

In 2015, my father and I founded the Nelles Institute, which since then represents our entire course and training program in Germany and internationally. Currently, I am acting managing director of the institute as and I give courses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,  and China.

I am particularly interested in connections between psychotherapy and the modernist society we live in, the relationship between nature and culture, development-oriented forms of constellation work, and Wolfgang Giegerich’s theory of neurosis.